Re: tape fo varnish?

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 4, 2004

I don't think so. Pick a place like the sheer to do your over lapping. The sheer is a natural break for you eye and direction of the boat panels so its the natural place to have the edge. And its gonna get sanded anyway after each coat.

I would be inclined to do one section completely rather than turning the boat for each coat. It would be faster I think than waiting for the varnish to be hard enough to turn. Taping just creates an edge you will have to deal with.

Another option is to set the boat on some slim cradles or supports that will let you varnish the entire boat at once except for a small part of the bottom. Thats how I did my Mill Creek. When the boat was done I flipped it and did the bottom not really needing to care about the overlap since it would never show.

In Response to: tape fo varnish? by Mischa on Sep 4, 2004