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Posted by mike noeske on Sep 3, 2004

I just hope I still have a boat to work on and a house to work on it at. Living just 30 miles north of the predicted "ground zero", expecting the worst, praying for the best. Heading to my siter's house in Orlando to hang out there. They just went thru Charlie and now are supposed to get part of Frances. I guess getting 70-80 MPH winds is a heck of a lot better than getting 115+ MPH.

Did what I could to the boats, lashed them to the roll around rack I store then on and lashed that to my work bench, lashed the one I working on to the work table and lashed that to my table saw. So if you happen to see a blue/gray perception sole', a Ches 16 and a half finished WR18 flying around some where, let me know.

Adios for now..Mike

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