Re: I can't build anymore

Posted by Mark Camp on Sep 3, 2004

Don't know, but that is a great question, because...maybe there's a bunch of guys and gals out there who gave up boatbuilding, but who could get back into it if they tried another brand?!!

That would be very cool.

Anybody have the facts? If I get do get allergic, I will probably not hassle with the experiment, but instead I will give up the hobby. But if I had some facts about what brand might solve the problems, then I would try to stay with it.

We might be able to find a pattern ourselves, by polling the gang. I will do that.

If we found a pattern, we could check with the manufacturers and see if they are using a certain formulation, and then bingo, we would know: A SAMPLE POSSIBLE SCENARIO: suppose we discover that,

"if I am allergic to brand A (which has non-cyclic amines, say) then I should try brand B (which has cyclic amines)."

I just threw that out as an example because: the only sales info I have seen that brags about "our brand is better because the hardener contains blah" mentions specifically that they use cyclic amines to reduce blush. But we could possibly get more info by digging, as CLC did with the brand compatibility questions.

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