Re: Ready to varnish?

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 3, 2004

Wet sanding to 400 grit before varnishing is overkill. Using 220 wet with the grain is preferable and will yield a better surface for the varnish to grip.

If you wet the deck with water, you'll get a fair idea of what it will look like when varnihed. If the brush marks are still visible, try scraping off the little ridges that comprise the brush marks with a carbide scraper (bear down and be patient as the scraper peels off the epoxy in thin curls), then take the ROS and sand with 220, then reapply a very thin coat of epoxy, either with a squeegee or just wipe it on with a rag. Use very small batches of freshly mixed epoxy and apply it quickly and THIN. This will eliminate the brush strokes and yield a surface that can be varnished after only a light wet hand-sanding with 220.

Hang in there, and good luck.


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