MAS & System3"SilverTip"

Posted by Ed on Sep 3, 2004

Morning builders. Let me clear up your questions about epoxy. We have used and tested all the different brands here at the CLC shop: West, System 3, MAS, to name a few. We found that the MAS and the System 3 “Silver Tip” are best suited for our builders needs. And we did have own brand for about 2 years there, which was a non-blushing product custom blended by System 3.

The products we stock now are MAS and System 3 “Silver Tip”; they are both a 2:1 ratio. As was the CLC brand. If one were to mix any of these three brands together, they will get the same result - it works. We have done all the tests, and it was one of our requirements, when adding another brand. As we knew these questions would come up. In fact, spokes people from each company have reluctantly said that they will work together just fine.

Our kits now come with the Silver Tip, and for the MAS lovers we have that too. Just make sure when placing your order, you specify what brand you want. Finally, if you want to pour your Silver Tip (part B) slow hardener in to your MAS slow hardener bottle, go for it. It will work!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have fun!

Ed @ CLC

In Response to: MAS or System 3? by Kelly C on Sep 2, 2004