Re: I can't build anymore

Posted by LeeG on Sep 2, 2004

My $.02 is that epoxy sensitization IS cumulative. The question is whether that accumulation is over one, five , ten or 100 constructions. I don't know of a test for sensitivity but I don't think the lack of sensitization in a few constructions is proof of resistance to developing an allergic reaction that can allow short-cuts in protection. I haven't developed a skin reaction but by the 5th year and eighth construction I started developing flu like symptoms the day after large scale glassing/sealing.

Like you I've heard of some folks being more sensitive to some brands and not others. I know a local builder who has done a lot of poly/vinylester glass work and he can only build in those materials as epoxy can't be in his shop or he'll get poison oak like skin rash.

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