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Posted by DaveW on Sep 2, 2004

There is some good information on the manufacturers' websites.

From MAS:

Latex gloves and other personal protection should always be used. If you should get any epoxy on your skin, it should be cleaned off with a waterless soap immediately, then thoroughly washed with soap and water. Tools can be washed with white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol. Semi-gelled epoxy can be removed with acetone.

The West Systems health and safety page:

And from System Three's "The Epoxy Book":

Wear disposable gloves or barrier skin creams when working with epoxy resins. Never use solvents to remove epoxies from your skin. Solvents, in addition to having problems that are as bad as or worse than epoxies, will help drive the hazardous ingredients into your body. Use a good waterless handsoap and lots of paper towels to remove epoxy from your skin. Then apply a good medicated skin cream to replace the natural oils removed by the handsoap. If you get gummy, half-cured material on your skin let it cure and peel it off the next day.

There is more information out there, but those are some of the major points.

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