I can't build anymore

Posted by Steve C on Sep 2, 2004

. . . with epoxy, that is. I built an LT 17 and a couple Chris K paddles. I wore respirators for sanding, but none for wet epoxy work. I wore long sleves and jeans during the build, and wore gloves for wet work and sanding. Somehow the goo would always find some skin contact, or some would get on my clothes. Now, I can't be near the stuff. Recently, I was cleaning the garage and discarded two defunct epoxy pumps that hadn't been used in months. I picked each one up off the bench , turned, and put them in the ajacent trash can, not thinking to put gloves on. Within several hours, my entire face was swollen and itchy, and it took the better part of a week and a number of doses of Benadryl to subside.

Next boat is a Skin-on Frame (no epoxy), or I'll go over to the Dark Side and (oHHH NOOO!!!) buy a manufactured boat.

There. I said it. I feel much better now.

Steve C CLC 17LT CLC Triple

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