Re: Safe handling epoxy/g

Posted by Mark Camp on Sep 2, 2004

I feel the same way about silica. I am wary of it, and always use a respirator (because it is a good dust mask, not because silica requires the canisters...all they do is remove organics).

It should be reiterated that there is no scientific evidence to justify our fear. Most of us are scared because of a popular misconception--a very understandable one. We are unaware of the fact that fused silica (Cab-O-Sil(R), etc) has a different physical structure than the kind of silica that causes silicosis. It is the needle-shaped crystals that dig into the tissue and cause silicosis. Cab-O-Sil doesn't have is amorphous. Scientist speculate that that is why Cab-O-Sil doesn't seem to cause silicosis.

I am aware of the above facts, but am still cautious, just on general principles.

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