Re: Safe handling epoxy/g

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 1, 2004

Michelle - read every thing you can on this issue and then follow the advice. I wear a respirator (not just a dust mask) for any epoxy work or sanding. I wear long sleeves, a hat and eye protection. No Tyvek suit but just old clothes that get washed often after the goo has cured. I use disposable brushes and roller covers. I shower after long sessions with lots of goo used.

I believe that epoxy problems are like allergies in that you can develop sensitivities or may not. The epoxy itself is pretty inert. Long term however it pays to play it safe. And yes we all wear gloves! Besides, no one ever builds just one boat.

The fiberglass itself is something that may make you itch if you get it on bare skin just like the insulation in your house but not much issue with it really. I would not grind it up and inhale the dust however.

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