Re: Safe handling epoxy/g

Posted by Chris Taylor on Sep 1, 2004

Glass fibres are not good. But also, never, ever get the curing epoxy on your skin. You must work with vinyl or latex gloves (double preferably) and protective clothing that does not mix with your other clothes. If you get it on your skin you may have a reaction and then develop a severe alergy over a period of time. Once an intollerance is developed, you may never be able to work with epoxy again. Always wear a respirator when scraping and sanding epoxy, and cover your skin as much as possible. I use a disposable Tyvek suit (really cheap from your local safety equipment supply store) complete with a hood. I ususally also wear the respirator when working closely with a lot of curing epoxy when there are more fumes. It is really very important that you minimize exposure to your lungs and skin as much as possible. When working with epoxy (wet or dry dust) be dilegent about not eating in the shop and resist touching your mouth, eyes and face. Wash carefully afterwards and wash your respirator mask between uses. have been warned.

In Response to: Safe handling epoxy/glass by Michelle Moran on Sep 1, 2004