rudder attachment

Posted by dave stanley on Sep 1, 2004

I am mounting a Seal line rudder with a rear bracket to a CH 16. I should have have placed a wooden block in the endpour area to attach a bracket that supports the rudder, that's water over the deck. If I drill into the endpour will that be strong enough, as good as wood, to support the bracket? My 2nd option will be to drill and bolt with nylon locknuts, the problem will be to be able to reach the nuts or bolts from the rear hatch. My hardware store guy is up to the challenge I am sure, might even weld an extension rod to a socket to tighten the bolts. No amunt of work too much to make my wife happy. I love the rudder on the QCC 700 which I bought for racing, good info from this site, the rudder is so quick.