Re: Yes, should add . . .

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 1, 2004


thanks for the thoughts on the silvertip. I haven't used it yet, but am considering using it on a much larger project in the future, a project that would make it cumbersome to scrub off bluch between coats. I'll have to do the critical epoxy work in more moderate weather, I guess.

I did note one detail in your narative: while your working temps were in the 80s, the boat was in direct sunlight. This may/may not have exacerbated the blushing problem, as materials in direct sun, particularly glossy materials, can have temps at and near the surface that far exceed the ambient air temps. For this reason, I never epoxy in direct sun (nor do I paint or apply masking tape for that matter).

Just a thought, one of the very few I have these days.


In Response to: Yes, should add . . . by DaveW on Aug 31, 2004