Re: Epoxy trouble

Posted by Tom M. on Aug 31, 2004

Whoa, that is exactly what mine looked like this past weekend on my MC16.5! It only happened on my 3rd and final coat. The first coat with the squeegee went on fine. I couldn't get a 2nd coat on until 4 days later. Used a foam roller, it too went on fine. Then I sanded it down a bit to remove the high spots and get it looking nice, vacuumed off with a shopvac and applied that final coat. I kept going over it with a brush thinking it was running, but it would just go right back to the photo you posted.

I didn't know humidity was a factor when using this MAS slow-cure epoxy I'm using. But I bet that is what it is. It was hot (mid/hi-80's) and humid last weekend when I applied the final 2 coats.

It doesn't look tooo bad though; I'm sure I'm in for a lot more sanding than I wanted to though.

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