after carving your seat

Posted by LeeG on Aug 31, 2004

For folks learning to roll having the minicell safely contained in nylon will ensure that you can have a hip 'hook' that will never tear out as is likely with exposed minicell. Also you can remove/adjust the hip brace for a variety of paddlers. These will also compress the seat into position as anyone who's exited a kayak can attest having ones seat become dislodged isn't an ok thing.

It would be worthwhile to make rectangular hip plates and not the trapezoidal ones that come in the kit as all hip brace outfitting is fashioned on some variation of a rectangle and not narrowing at the top. I used these on a kayak used in a rolling class for small person as well as a large cockpit for a trip. No reason to put minicell on hop braces to have it tear out in regular use.

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