Re: debuggin leg numbness

Posted by LeeG on Aug 31, 2004

Buy two blocks,,for $28.50 you can learn how to make the best seat possible. For another $28.50 you can make the best seat possible AND have enough extra minicell for thigh bracing for at least four kayaks and god knows what else. Make the seat about 18" wide with slots cut out for the hip braces,,that will prevent the seat from shifting. Make it about 20" long allowing enough room for thigh support and storage slots behind the backband. Then put in removable hip pads(nylon covered minicell with straps,Salamander makes them) above it on the wooden hip braces to lock it in place. No glue, no vecro pads to pull out. Removable when you want to clean/work on cockpit. I'm hammering this a bit because there's no reason to reinvent the wheel,,if the wheel you are using isn't working.

MiniCel Foam™ $28.50 per pad

3" x 24" x 24" MiniCel Foam™

Grey flexible closed cell foam for bulkheads. Easy to cut and shape with a serrated knife or wood saw. Glue with 3M-5200 sealant. One block is enough for two bulkheads in most kayaks. Also good for carved seat bottoms.

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