Primer problem?

Posted by Danny on Aug 31, 2004

After reading a lot of earlier message on this subject, I think I may know my problem but I thought I through it out for discussion anyway. I'm painting my first boat, an Eastport Pram, and I decided to paint the spars, hull (inside and out), everything but the tiller and rudder. So far I've only done the spars. Epoxy coats (2), followed by Z-Spar Hi-Fill primer, and three coats of Brightsides. I followed all the directions and sanded between coats. The problem is the paint is chipping off left and right, I can even scrape it off with my fingernail. It even feels soft to the tough, not hard like you would expect. Its been weeks since the last coat, so it is dry. My guess is the primer soaked up too much moisture during the humid weather when it was applied. I'm here in the Northern Virginia/DC area. I'd appreciate any comments. My thought now is to strip/sand it all off and varnish.