LT17 waterline?

Posted by Wade Bick on Aug 30, 2004

Finished all coats of expoxy on my LT 17 last week and took it out for a spin. One thing that surprised me a bit was a very low (or is high the correct terminology?) waterline.

In other words, with the boat sitting in the water, unloaded, the last few inches of keel at the stern were above the surface of the water. Is that normal?

I was in a hurry and didn't spend a lot of time examining this so I don't know how the bow was sitting. I also didn't have anybody with me to tell me where the waterline was with me in the boat. Could the shape of the hull be off? It seemed to paddled fine, though I don't think it tracked quite as well as the LT 17 I demo'ed a few weeks back. Hard to tell as the wind was blowing harder than normal. Thoughts or suggestions?