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Posted by John likens on Aug 30, 2004

Michelle, I have not read read the entire thread so I won't be offering any advice but what I did read was quite interesting. I am in the final stages of a Sassafras 12 that I started back in June. I wired everything together and suspended it from a cradle which worked out quite well for me. Since I had glued on the outwales to the top planks prior to wiring the planks together I had a rather difficult time with wiring the top plank. i honestly saw no other alternative for me to complete the wiring unless i suspended everything in a cradle ( ropes from the rafters). Gravity helped to pull the shape together and having the outwale already glued on proved to be a blessing later on although I'm not sure i would reccommend it to anyone. I actually found the entire procedure to be very laughable at times but it worked and i was glad no one was around to see it lest they think I was ready for the loony bin. I too had to trim my bulkheads to fit but not by much. One thing i have learned in my years of woodworking is how to look at things and tell if they are true or not.I could not tell you how to do it although it seems that many did and in a way you understood. I think it's great that there is so much help available. I got my bulkhead covers on Saturday and made some more attractive mahogany splash guards. I still have lots of sanding to do and hope to get some paint on soon. Good luck with your boat. i hope you'll post pictures when your done.

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