Re: Epoxy trouble

Posted by DaveW on Aug 30, 2004


That's the same thing mine was doing when I thought I had a problem with blush (previous thread). The difference was that mine had a slightly cloudy/milky look to it. I did the wetout coat, applied a fill coat about 5-6 hours later, and was trying to apply a second fill coat about six hours later. I caught it pretty quickly and scraped the new stuff off with a plastic squeegee, then wiped the residue off with denatured alcohol. Given the look of the epoxy and the extremely humid conditions the previous day, I thought I probably had blush. Once the fresh stuff was off, I scrubbed the boat with water and a scotchbrite pad, then rinsed with water and dried with paper towels. The fresh coat adhered just fine, but there is a bit of residue on top of the hardened epoxy. That was with Silver Tip and two layers of 4 oz. s-glass on the hull. The s-glass had the same finish as the e-glass I used on my deck, so the finish on the glass should not have been the problem.

I had done a wetout coat and a fill coat on another surface (the deck) with no problems at all. The recoat interval was similar - just long enough that the surface was tack free. That was Silver Tip and 6 oz. e-glass.

It would be interesting to know what the problem is. I thought it just had to do with the conditions I was working under, but that apparently is not the case.

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