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Posted by Terry on Aug 30, 2004

Michelle: As most everyone else points out I am not a pro, and I've read the thread. There are some good ideas and some not so good in there. Fairness and winding are two distinctly different things. One important factor is the difference between a canoe and a kayak as well as lakestrapped and stitched panels. The winding thing was covered quite well on page 82 of the Chessie manual f/ kayaks which I am building. Checking for winding most certainly can be done from horses. You will need 8 C clamps, 4 short straight sticks plus two longer sticks to lay sheer to sheer. Clamp one end of a short stick to a sawhorse repeat 3 times. They will need to approximate the width of the boat because you will then clamp the sticks to the sheer in 4 places. Stand back take a look after you have layed the 2 longer sticks across the sheers. If you are unfamiliar with sighting for unevenness say along an edge for crown (is done w/ 2X when building floor joists, etc.) then this is difficult to imagine but it is an important step. Finally, after you are all set up you may use a level, the longer the better, across the sticks on the sheers, (the horses need not be levelled!!) and if you are really nitpicky drop a plumbbob down along the bow and check it horizontally and vertically at the same time. Now, if you need me to go on to fairness let me know in a response and I will expound on that later. Someone had it right, there many ways to do the same job in most any field of endeavor, hope this helps, Terr.

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