Re: tips for a new builde

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 30, 2004


In addition to the great advice from the other builders, I add:

1. Use a T-square when marking the stations on the wood. Saves time and helps ensure accuracy.

2. Don't change the hull panels until you get more experience. The deck curvature, bulkhead placements, hatch locations and cockpit size can be modified without so many unforseen ramifications.

3. Consider glassing the deck with 4 oz. cloth and installing 6 oz. cloth under the deck behind the cockpit.

4. Decide if you want a rudder early on, as some minor modifications can be made to the stern to make it fit better and be stronger.

5. Don't draw up the hull panels then scarf them. Instead, scarf up full length "blank" panels that you can draw the hull panels on. Easier this way to get a straight hull.

Enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you're done.

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