Epoxy trouble

Posted by Aaron J. on Aug 29, 2004

I'm in the middle of my 3 coats of epoxy to my new ash seats and thwarts... I've been hanging them clothes line style to apply the epoxy and noticed that will all but the first coat the epoxy seems to have trouble coating over the first layer. It seems to go on fine but a few minutes later has what looks like dry spots in it. You see a similar pattern if you spray water on your car. Its not visibly draining off the wood, I don't think its to thin.

The second layer I applied to the first without any prep work, it looked clean and seemed to go on well. After the second coat I sanded the bubbles and odd spots down to 220 grit.

I tried going back as soon as these spots formed and touching up with my brush and a bit more epoxy but this doesn't seem to have helped the problem.