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Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 28, 2004

Saw horses. You really can't level a cradle. They should be level side to side (each horse) and level with each other too. Take the time to set them up right. Might have to shim one horse or something to get it. Use a long 2x4 to check level between the horse. Use a long level (3 or 4') not a 12" tiny thing if you can.

Set the boat on the leveled horses and check for twist first. See the link to CLC's shop tip on that. Pictures! It will be easy to see using the parallel sticks but be sure the sticks you use are straight on both axis.

Be sure to sight from both ends and from each side etc. Really look it over. Have a friend look too. No twist? Great! If there is then have your friend hold one end FIRMLY while you grab the other end and unwind the twist by grabbing on and torking the boat straight.

Now look at each end to be sure the bow and stern are plumb (straight up and down) and that the boat is symmetrical from any angle you look. Be sure the planks on each side of each end look the same as they come into the ends.

Finally check for fairness by sighting along the boat sides to be sure that the curves are uniform and pleasing to your eye with no ins or outs or any bumps or hollows that show that the planks need a bump in or out with your fist to get them to sit just right. Some times the wood needs to shift just a bit one way or another.

There is quite a bit of adjustment possible at each stage and you might have to repeat it all or just one step until you go over it and find all looking good. The boat will tend to stay tweeked if you need to adjust so the whole process won't take too long. Sort of amazing how the stitched panels lock together but can still be moved.

You will probably find that once any twist is removed and the ends checked that you are pretty much done.

Now get the epoxy out.

Checking for twist

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