Re: hanging knee

Posted by Terry on Aug 28, 2004

I wasn't clear enough in my first message and had two or three thoughts running through it. I am questioning more why it is only mentioned in a portion of a manual that is NOT for my boat model and was an excerpt included to cover rudder installation? And why is there no reference to that procedure in the manual I have which covers The Chesapeake 14, 16&16LT, the 17&17LT, the 18&18LT, and the Double&Triple (I am building a Triple)? What I need to know is, do I need to install one, two or more? Although I've not had the boat in the water yet, the deck seems to be very strong especilly after the installation of the cockpit coamings. Surely, someone out there has built a Triple and has firsthand knowledge, thanks Terry.

In Response to: Re: hanging knee by RogerJ on Aug 27, 2004