Real investment is time

Posted by TomS on Aug 27, 2004

For us folks finishing small boats, the investment in materials of any kind pales in comparison to the investment of our time. If better UV protection and durability of a "true" high-end marine product allow us to eke another season of enjoyment out of our craft without having to do a refinish we get a double bonus- saving on the varnish work time, and getting more time on the water.

Re" Star of India, I'm not knocking that choice at all. On a large boat, varnish is more used on decorative trim and actual spars, where there's less wear and tear than on our small-boat interiors, rubrails etc. Also, SOA probably does a brightwork refinish each year as a matter of course, possibly with volunteer labor a la Tom Sawyer.

I do use McCloskey's myself and like it -- for furniture, use Captain's on the boats.

In Response to: McCloskey's Varnish by Daniel Hallal on Aug 26, 2004