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Posted by Steve C on Aug 27, 2004

1st Boat: CLC Triple, bought secondhand a year after it was built, I've had it three years. No deck glass. Previous builder stated he was concerned with keeping it lite. To date, that means: 1. Rear coaming delamination - had to aplly expoy and clamps to section of base of coaming to resure due to insufficient epxy in joint. 2. Black Ick. Boat was built with interior glass extnding only half way up interior face of hull panels, everything above sealed with epoxy only. Several areas were not adequately sealed or worn away next to foot pegs, allowing moisture in and black stains to develop. Also some on the underside of the deck at the shear clamps. Washed everything with 10 percent bleach solution, sanded, and recoated with more epoxy this spring. 3. Boat lives under the porch in the winter, inverted on stands in the driveway in season. Was looking pretty dingy, so I repainted and revarnished this spring.

2nd boat: 17 LT, completed last July. 250 miles paddling since then. Many trips atop car. Boat gets used 2-3 time/wk in season.

1. White Brightsides getting beat from loading on car. Bottom scratched up from beach use. Headed for the shop this winter for paint and varnish. 2. I've been learning sculling braces. Dumped it about 4 times on the last outing, resulting in wet exits. Climbed back into the boat each time with or without a paddle float. Now the deck to rear bulhead has a crack about an inch long!!! This was in calm water - give me a break! Anyway, DO HEED the discussions on this board regarding the need to reinforce rear deck. I am 5-6 170, not a big heavy guy. FYI, the boat is hatchless.

I love my boats, but a fiberglass NDK ROmany is starting to look a little better than it used to . . .

Steve C

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