Re: rudder cables/bulkhea

Posted by Paul on Aug 27, 2004

If you use a full length sleeve from above the deck level at rear,through the rear compartment ,through the bulkhead into the cockpit and run the rudder cable through the sleeve,it will keep water out of the rear compartmwnt. Seal the sleeve where it passes through the deck and bulkhead with silicon. I also glued the sleeve to the hull or deck (which ever is the straights route) with silicon. For the sleeve ,I used a plastic tube they use for garden drip sprays ,about 1/4 od,bought it from the hardware for about $4.00 for 6 mtrs,just cut it to length.Run line spectra through that. I have built three rudders and have used "spectra" sailing cord ,available from marine shops or maybe mountaineering shops , for cables with no problems at all. This stuff is realy low stretch,and hardwareing. Just tie decent knots and use some heat shrink over the knots at the rudder end to tidy every thing up. cheers- Paul

In Response to: rudder cables/bulkhead by Terry on Aug 27, 2004