Re: McCloskey's Varnish

Posted by Robert Santore on Aug 26, 2004

FWIW, I find captains around $22.22 qt. What's $5 if you already know you like it? Especially given how far a qt will stretch.

I did a canoe refinish and used McCloskey's, three coats. Don't recall having a problem with it going on, and in fact it dried pretty quick and hard and looked great new. This boat gets heavy use from a group of adults and kids and is often left out on the dock all day (might want to call that abuse). It started looking shabby (dull and worn) by the next season. To some extent that isn't necessarily the fault of the varnish, given the type of use, but I did think some of that wear was breakdown in the sun.

I don't have a season's worth of wear yet on my new boat varnished with captain's, and besides this boat is getting pampered, so it is not a fair comparison.

There are lots of opinions on which brand is worst/better/best. No harm in trying something new, or in sticking with tried and true.

- Bob

In Response to: McCloskey's Varnish by Daniel Hallal on Aug 26, 2004