Cradles for the Double

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 26, 2004

It took me forever, but I finally finished the cradles for transporting the double. Since I damaged the bottom the first time out, I decided to make a pair so it wouldn't happen agian. They were made by molding the bottom with 3 layers of leftover 4oz cloth and 1 layer of chopped mat. After I peeled them off the hull I laminated luan to them for stiffness. I think I spent less than $30 making them, I even got the yakima "mighty mounts" on clearance for $9 (normally around $20). Since buying Yakima or Thule racks for both the Highlander and my truck was to expensive on my allowance, I made these so the will fit either vehicle. Took the double to work today for a test run and they performed beautifully. We have a lot of road construction in our area so it was a severe duty test of sorts. I finally can relax when transporting it and not have to worry if the bottom is going to be damaged agian.

Cradle pics