Re: little white spots

Posted by Gober on Aug 26, 2004

I posted on this same topic about a week ago. Mine were caused by the dust implanting in the low spots of the weave and small air bubbles that were opened during sanding. I tried a scrub brush with water but didnt see any good results. The advise I was given was to blow it out with an air compressor( the more PSI the better), and use a needle to try to knock some it it loose. It worked pretty well for me. I also tried tape, pressing duct tape or packing tape on the white dots. It helped get some of the stubborn ones that air alone would not get. I still have a few but havent had time to finish removing them. I have had a few weeks to think about how to prevent it in the future, this is what I have come up with. 1) apply a second coat of epoxy within 24 hours(a chemical bond would not require sanding) to fill the weave better then sand 2)mix my epoxy slower trying not to introduce air bubbles. Either way you go the white dots MUST come out of forever be a part of your boat. Its a pain to get them out but they will come out.

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