Re: "Mac" re: cabinet scr

Posted by dave on Aug 26, 2004

1. For sharpening, did you use the techniques in his article? A: Yup. I had been using scrapers for some time on home projects but with the 10-15 deg. burr. 2. Do you have to sharpen frequently? A: Fairly often per edge but I have accumulated about 6 scrapers including a couple with rounded convex or concave edges plus my father's old Stanley 80. Also for the square ones we have 8 edges to choose from. so it's a long time until one needs to sharpen and burnish. And as I said after some practice it goes quickly. 3. If I recall the correct article, he explains how to make scrapers from old hacksaw blades. Did you try that, and if so were you satisfied with the result? A: Also from various saw blades. No, all my blades are commercial -- Sandvik and no name. No reason why it wouldn't work if you had the right metal and needed a special shape. The WB article came out when I was already using cabinet scrapers on the craft but White's technique speeded up the process. Caveat: I'm no pro, but it worked for me. Dave

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