Bulkheads on angle?

Posted by Michelle Moran on Aug 26, 2004

I have a Sassafras 12 that is now completely stitched together and I am attempting to install the bulkheads prior to epoxying. The bulkheads have an attitude and are not cooperating with the installation. If I'm reading the plans correctly, it looks like the bulkhead panel angles toward the end of the canoe, with the bottom of the panel 6 inches closer to the center of the canoe than the top of the panel. Can that be right? Or should the panel be perpendicular to the vertical axis of the canoe? How much leeway do I have re: placement of the bulkhead? Does it need to be in the exact position specified by the plans or can I play with the placement to try to get it to fit better? Any tips on getting them to fit?

Any ideas would be welcome.