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Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 25, 2004

I used Glidden Floor and Porch Enamel on my Mill Creek. It is a one part oil based polyurethane enhanced alkyd. Very good stuff and not quite as glossy as Brightsides. I would recommend it. At Home Depot for less than $20 per gallon. They have a tint base too so you can custom blend colors.

I have also used the one part West Marine poly (yuk) and the porch paint from Valspar (yuk). They both changed color after a day in the water on my sailboat rudder and daggerboard - absorbing water - but do dry out back to original, not a good quality for a boat paint.

The Glidden seems a good choice for a kayak that gets a lot of use since it is far easier to touch up than Brightsides - which I love too (on my sailboat).

The earlier comment on Brightsides is that the high gloss shows every imperfection and bump or ding is right on. But boy does it look good when done right.

I have also had good results with Petit Easy Poxy one part and heard very good things about the Kirby Marine paints - available direct from Kirby on line. Kirby has been making marine paint for a long time. Have not used the Kirby though.

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