Re: Least Amount of coats

Posted by LeeG on Aug 25, 2004

for the time it takes for one coat of paint or varnish to get hard enough to use the kayak might be a few days to a few weeks depending upon the ambient temps and humidity. What I mean to say is that if it'll take a couple weeks for the varnish to get really hard and the time between the first and fourth coats of varnish is four days you aren't saving much time putting on one coat instead of four.

If you use a one part polyurethan varnish you can apply a few coats within a couple days and it'll be harder than alkyd varnish in less time. The Brightsides polyurethan paint might take a few weeks to get really hard so one ugly coat of paint should keep it UV safe for general use as it's hull down most of the time.

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