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Posted by Tom Irvine on Aug 25, 2004

I've had my 17lt out in seas up to 4' and have sone some practice rolling sessions. My hatches are just the simple strap-downs in the plans with weather stripping.

During the rolling sesions, I have taken on as much as a half a cup of water. But in heavy waves-coming-over-the-deck water, the seal seems perfect. If I get water, then it's usually because my straps aren't tight enough and a simple adjustment is all it takes to fix it.

When on my two-week-long trips, everything that must stay dry is kept in dry bags anyways. Kayaking is a wet sport.

My cockpit is as dry as my leaky skirt will let it be. I have a three-year-old neoprene skirt that seems to leak a little at the seem where the trunk meets the skirtdeck. But even there, I'm talking about a small amount of water in heavy seas - I'm basically warm and dry. (like I said, kayaking is a wet sport).


P.S. Just recently back from my 4th Georgian Bay trip and would once again, like to take this opportunity to brag about my lt17. It swallows up two weeks worth of food and clothing and camping gear, and still battles the wind and waves like a champ. Check out my pics at:

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