Re: Chesapeake or North B

Posted by FrankP on Aug 24, 2004

As Vike and LeeG both mentioned, the AH is a perfect compromise between the Chessy's and the NorthBay. It is slightly roomier than the NB but handles similarly (with less weathercocking). It's got about the same volume as the NorthBay but isn't quite as tippy, and it's faster (I thought) than the Chessy's. I personally think it's the best single that CLC sells. Why didn't I buy one you ask? Basically, $300 more for the AH kit than the NB, and it was my first boat. I'd heard the AH is a more strenuous build, but if I had known what I know now, that wouldn't be a factor. It's not so much more difficult (some would say it isn't more difficult at all, just different) that it can't be done by a rookie. Seriously consider the AH.


In Response to: Re: Chesapeake or North B by Steve C on Aug 23, 2004