Re: Logo's and Images

Posted by mike noeske on Aug 23, 2004

I am working on artwork for my wr18. Planning on airbrush on "heavy silky paper", thats the same medium they use in surfboard laminate artwork. Although they usually silkscreen instead of airbrush. Heavy silky paper is not really a paper, its manmade, woven (kinda), disappears under resin (better than rice paper), can be run thru a printer. I didn't experiment much with the printer, since the stuff is woven, its kinda like spray painting a spider web, coats the strands but not between, so the image is opaque and the grain of the wood actually shows thru, makes the wood look stained or dyed. Which could be a neat effect. Higher quality printing may change the opaque problem. Added a link below to a paper supplier.

What ever way you plan on, printing, painting staining whatever, do a test peice before you actually do the boat. Inks, paints and stains could all bleed when wetted with epoxy. Colors may change under epoxy and varnish. White could become tan, light blue could become gray, yellow could become mustard brown. Better to know before hand.


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