decal paper

Posted by Gober on Aug 23, 2004

Funny thing... I was working with images this weekend. I am building a paddle and wanted to put my name on the backside of it. I looked at a lot of builder photos with rice paper but the paper was always visible. So I ended up using decal paper. Basically itís the same stuff that they us on model cars and planes. Testor makes the stuff and it was about 6 bucks for six 5.5 in by 8.5in sheets. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby it was in a glass case by the models. It is designed for ink jet printers. After working with it for a few hours I have a few tips. 1) when you print on it select normal quality at first I choose Best quality and I put so much ink on the paper it ran and cracked up before it dried. 2) Get the wood moist right before you stick it down this helps it to float around while you position it. 3) Buy the can of decal sealer to spray on top of it after the ink dries and before you apply it to the wood. I took pictures but I currently do not have them on the web, if you want to see let me know and I will email them.


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