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Posted by FrankP on Aug 23, 2004


Yes people modify their boats all the time. ON my first boat, I changed the deck curvature to give me a little more foot room, and I also removed the deck beams. I put flush hatches, which my boat supposedly doesn't support, and changed the cockpit shape. (Cut out the thigh braces...nothing drastic.) There were other minor mods but they won't affect performance any more than the ones I already mentioned. What they do, however, is make the boat 100% mine. Made by me, for me. Those are the mods you want to perform, the ones that really make the boat your own.

Some people chop their decks to make them lower, others make slight changes to the hull design, but most "extreme" mods such as these are done by people who already have extensive kayaking experience, and generally a fair amount of boat building experience.

Start out with the plans "as is" and make minor mods to customize fit, look, etc. Don't make extreme changes to the design until you've paddled the boat, and know what you really like and don't like about it.


Growing old is inevitible, growing up is optional. Live well, play hard.

PS: Kurt Maurer, was never an "idiot newbie". Idiot savant, maybe, but never "idiot newbie", no matter what he says.

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