Re: Chesapeake or North B

Posted by FrankP on Aug 23, 2004

The NorthBay is a nice boat that weathercocks pretty significantly. The chessy will do less of that. The chessy will also feel quite a bit roomier (I felt like I was in a tub) and may have more windage issues. (I can't say for sure as wind was light on the days I tested them.) The Chessy will feel much more stable and handles well. The NB will be faster "off the line" and feel quite a bit tippier, but once you get used to that it handles well too. The Chessy has a higher volume and will hold more gear.

I bought the hatch kits for my NB and then didn't use them. I made flush hatches. The hatch kit is the standard with the lip on the deck and plywood underdeck supports/reinforcements. Personally, I don't like the hatches that stick up like that, but you may. The NB doesn't have a flush hatch option, whereas the Chessy does. Both can be made to have flush hatches pretty easily, even without kits.


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