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Posted by Craig Robinson on Aug 23, 2004

G,Day Ray, I am just finishing my first kayak. Hopefully I will be varnishing this weekend. If I wqs to do it again, and I will be, I would cut out all the pieces first so that I could use the epoxy more efficiently. One of the things that you will encounter is, "how much epoxy do I mix for a particular task. I wasted heaps. I stuck with the plans for this one and installed Yakima footbraces, happy bottom seat, rapid pulse backband and a feathercraft rudder. Initially I rushed the epoxy work because my only other experience was with polyester resin & MEKP. This is very volatile and goes off quickly. Because I live in a warm climate I used a catalyst that slowed down the curing but from what I read on this forum the cold weather is more of a problem with you guys. You might want to get some cheaper ply and have a practice at scarfing with a beltsander first. If you want to individualise you boat you could think about an overlay or a mural. At this stage, mine will have the front painted as a sharks head (might keep the surfers away). Cheers and ahve fun, I have found the experience to be extremely rewarding.

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