Re: What Pete and Kurt sa

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 22, 2004

Do yourself a favor and listen to Joe. If you have never built a boat before then why on earth would you want to change the design or materials on your very first project? Especially if you are building from plans. Good marine plywood (ie okume), a name brand of epoxy and fiberglass cloth/tape are pretty hard to improve on.

If you are like Kurt with extensive woodworking experience then go for it but otherwise learn on your first boat and see where it takes you. Follow the instructions and read all you can on using epoxy - that seems to be the biggest issue on this forum. Be sure to pay attention to the safety stuff too! Both epoxy and tool safety.

If you just gotta improvise then do it on the cosmetic features such as paint, varnish, inlays, painted designs and so on.

We'll be here to help you!

In Response to: What Pete and Kurt said.. by Joe Lombardo on Aug 22, 2004