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Posted by Tony Calvert on Aug 22, 2004

Hi Gavin,

The seat I have is made by Virtuosity Ltd here in NZ. I got two of them from Fergs kayaks in Wellington as an aftermarket item so I'm not sure if they are the same as the Perception ones.

The seats have nut inserts moulded into them so I have them bolted to the hip braces on the kayak. I paddled for a while with the seat just sitting on the inside of the hull of the kayak and it was very comfortable and supported my thighs well but when I bolted it in, the mounting holes were a little high so the seat no longer sat on the inside of the hull. The lack of thigh support caused my right leg to fall a sleep, I could have taken the seat out and slotted the holes down so the seat sat on the hull but I just grabbed a pool noodle and placed it underneath the front of the seat and I haven't had any leg problems since. I don't have anything supporting the centre of the seat but the "V" doesn't go all the way through.

The picture below is of the thigh braces showing the mounting hole.

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