Paddleboy Kayak Carts

Posted by Mac on Aug 22, 2004

Hi Di Ho, Boys and Girls! Missed you all over the last two weeks!

Just came down out of the wilds of the Quebec Laurentians so that the French Canadian side of my family can humiliate me for my 60th. (Told ya I was old!)

My wife bought me a ton of cool stuff including a made in the USA, Paddle Boy kayak cart. It is an aluminium, minicell foam and BBQ wheeled creation which doesn't use straps - just a hooked bungee which, from what I can see, attaches to the coaming rim. It collapses from a square shape to a very flat parallelogram (sp) which I hope will fit into my rear hatch (yak is still at the cottage - where I hope to be for another week starting tomorrow).

As it came from one of those trendy (Atmosphere) shops, the guy didn't offer much info and there is no pamphlet - just a whopping price tag, I'm sure.

As the wheels are moulded plastic, I'll wager she's not designed for rough portages - which is OK for my purposes which are (believe it or not) city streets. (You've heard of Street Luge?)(Stay tuned). Actually just getting from my house to the local bay - about 1 km -w/o car topping.

Anyone familiar with this particular brand? Tips?

Thanks and have a great Sunday!