Re: balsa marine ply??

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 21, 2004

So its a balsa core plywood? Balsa is so soft that I would worry about the indentation resistance of a plywood using it as a core. Would not take much to break through the outer skin veneer. They use balsa to core decks in fiberglass boats but those aren't stitch and glue.

Never have seen the stuff. Is there a reason you can't buy standard marine ply? Not sure of your location. If local availability is an issue for meranti or okume then maybe you should consider a kit. If you are willing to spend $200 a sheet on ply then it can't be a money issue.

Birch ply is nice stuff but is not a very rot resistant wood as I recall. Its hard and works nicely. Your yak will be fully glassed so thats not a real issue.

Let us know what you decide.

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