major wherry screwup

Posted by Kelly C on Aug 20, 2004

And this is at least my 2nd major screwup--I had to buy some new okoume plywood to make a new flotation tank cover for the back of the wherry a few weeks ago. I trimmed the other one too close to the support. GRRR

This time, I didn't trim the breasthook correctly. It didn't fit into the front of the boat properly, so stupid me, I thought I'd clamp the sides of the boat to close the gap. No, even with the epoxy dried, it sprung the joint, and now I have a good sized gap one one side of the breasthook. My first attempt at jury-rigging it was to cut a wedge of mahogany and slip that into the gap. No, it just made the damned gap open up even wider.

I'm really tempted to just fill in the gap with wood thickened epoxy, and be done with it. I've been working on this ****** boat project for TWO YEARS now, and I'm actually sick of it. I want to either throw the thing away, or just slap it together, paint it, and have a boat that floats.

I suppose the really correct thing to do would be to buy a thin japanese handsaw, and cut the damned thing out of the bow of the boat, and make a new one. I can see that setting me back at least a week, since I am actually trying to enjoy my weekends rather than work on a boat all weekend.

So is it going to look like crap if I just fill in the gap with woodflour thickened epoxy?