White dots in Epoxy

Posted by Gober on Aug 19, 2004

I posted a few weeks ago that I was building some paddles, they are coming together great. They were fiberglassed Sunday night. This is my first time to work with epoxy and fiberglass. Last night I started to sand them down. After rough sanding with 80 grit, then a smooth sanding with 180 grit I washed the paddles with water. I then stared to inspect the paddles and noticed white dots that look like paint overspray. I think its epoxy dust that embedded into small holes in the epoxy/fiberglass. I donít think it will turn clear when I put the second coat on because it didnít turn clear when wiped with water. Anybody out there have any suggestions on how to remove all the dots easily or if they will wet out clear again? BTW next time I will not use 6 oz glass on the blades I think 4oz would look better. Pictures and offsets soon.