Re: bending deck Ches 16

Posted by Russell on Aug 18, 2004

Ditto to what everybody else said. I used 4 band clamps per top. They only get the skins close. Be careful not to over tighten or you distort the wood and thus do not make good contact with the shear clamps.

One "trick" I used to line up the skins. Drill one hole at the bow centerline of the top skin. Line up the skin (no glue) on the boat. Mark the centerline at the combing. Drill a small pilot in the boat shear clamp using the previously drilled hole in the top skin as guide.

Apply glue to the underside of the top skin. Nail but not tight through your pilot holes(they should line up). This gives you a pivot to line up the back end of the top skin to your mark at the combing. The skin will slide around as you tighten the band clamps. The one nail will keep one end aligned and you just have to pay attention to the back end.

Happy sanding....

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