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Posted by LeeG on Aug 18, 2004

the straps are NOT for completing the bend to the sheer clamps,, they're just there to help get things in place and bend the deck down to 1/2" away from the sheerclamp or so. Like a third hand. If you attempt to force the deck down with just a few straps it'll tear the wood on the sides. If you're going to rely on straps then get six and hopscotch them down the line as you nail 2 or three nails at time alternating left/right. If you wanted to go whole hog with the strapping business then you should get some fiberglass/plastic/duct tape and eliminate the ring nails but that's risky as far as ripping up the grain on the deck. repeat,,DON"T use just a few straps to bring the deck down. Put one at the deck beam, put one at the bulkhead so it just brings the deck down a couple inches from the sheer clamp. Put to more straps down in between but closer to the deck beam but DO NOT TIGHTEN THE MESS DOWN SO TIGHT. Use your hand to push the deck down to the sheer clamp and whack in a couple nails on either side then move forward leaving the strap at the sheer clamp as thats where the deck is pulling up the hardest. DON"T bother sinking the ring nails down right now,,just get the deck down and sink the nails 1/2mm below the deck AFTER it's all cured. When is all cured? NOT 24 hrs at 70degrees. Maybe 48+hrs. Over bending straps usually results in a tighter bend at the bulkhead requiring gap filling goop. If you're still freaked out put a damp towel on the top and it'll bend itself. Not dripping,,just rung out. I could see in a desert climate that bone dry 4mm could have a greater tendency to crack than a more humid one.

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